MCIA Educational Faculty

The following faculty of anaesthetists have kindly given their time and expertise in the development of the case studies contained in the Making Choices in Anaesthesia program.

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Dr David Goodie

Surgery in the obese patient
St George Private Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Dr Goodie is a medical graduate of the University of NSW, and has been a specialist anaesthetist for 16 years. Having trained as a specialist in Sydney, he was appointed as Instructor in Anesthesia at Harvard University, US. He now works in private practice with appointments to hospitals in the southern metropolitan area and lower north shore of Sydney. He is Chairman of Anaesthetics at Hunters Hill Private Hospital. His areas of expertise include anaesthesia for bariatric (weight loss), cardiothoracic and major plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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A/Prof. Ross Kennedy

Abdominal surgery
Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr Kennedy is a Christchurch based‑anaesthetist who has been involved in both laparoscopic bowel resections and major open surgery for recurrent bowel cancer for more than ten years. His other current areas of clinical practice include extensive laparoscopic gynaecological surgery as well as orthopaedic and cardiac surgery. He has an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor with the University of Otago, Christchurch. His research interests focus on matching anaesthesia delivery to patient needs and include aspects of monitoring and finding ways to apply the results of research into drug delivery to everyday practice for all anaesthetists.

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Dr Rowan Molnar

Long surgical procedure
St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Rowan Molnar is a senior staff anaesthetist at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. He has been a specialist anaesthetist for 16 years. He trained in Australia and the US where he was a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. Dr Molnar’s regular practice includes surgery for orthopaedic surgery, with a special interest in orthopaedic tumour surgery and cardiac surgery. He also directs the anaesthesia simulation program at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, where he has a special interest in human factors and crisis resource management. This case study is typical of cases he manages in his daily practice.

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Dr Peter Moran

Hepatic and renal comorbidities
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Peter Moran is Director of Anaesthesia at Princess Alexandra Hospital, a position he has held since 1987. His clinical work during that time has involved anaesthesia for all forms of adult surgery with a focus on vascular, trauma and liver resection patients, as well as anaesthesia for renal and liver transplant patients. His publications and interests include perioperative cardiac risk and anaesthesia for vascular surgery and patients with liver disease.

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Dr Greg Purcell

Keeping the ischaemic heart safe and functional
Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Dr Greg Purcell is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney University and visiting anaesthetist at Royal North Shore Hospital. His clinical work includes cardiac, neurosurgical and obstetric anaesthesia and he has an interest in patient and system safety.

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Dr Richard Ranger

Day-stay procedure
Victorian Anaesthetics Group, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Richard Ranger has been a member of the Victorian Anaesthetics Group since 1982. His usual mix of practice includes orthopaedics, oral/faciomaxillary, cosmetic plastic surgery and endoscopy. Dr Ranger is the Chairman of Anaesthesia at The Avenue Hospital. He is also on the Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee for “Patient Care Review”. In addition, he is the former Victorian Chairman of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists.

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A/Prof. Kersi Taraporewalla

The elderly patient
Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Kersi Taraporewalla is Director of Education and Research in the Department Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. He is also part of the faculty in the Critical Care Department at the University of Queensland. Other educational projects that he is involved in include the Skills Development Centre and assisting IMGs and registrars with exam preparation. His anaesthetic practice involves mainly vascular surgery, neurosurgery and spinal surgery.